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dean mitchell(non-registered)
i miss your pictures mike. I miss you.
dean mitchell(non-registered)
your pictures put a smile on my face, great eye Mike.
Connie Samples(non-registered)
Gorgeous work!
Steven E. Perry(non-registered)
Thanks for everything you've taught me....More than Photography....About LIFE!

God Bless Ya, Brother!

Steven E. Perry
Bob Korte
I just wanted to see the body of your work and see the world through your eyes.
Steven E. Perry(non-registered)
I need to get with you and talk photography....What camera do you use? Steve
Sandra Werra(non-registered)
Love looking at all your photos. Thanks for sharing!
Alyssa Thomas(non-registered)
Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
Sabrina McDonald(non-registered)
Mike, I loved reading your journal entry today and was pleased to see the link to your photos. I really appreciate being able to see the photos of your family and friends since I know you through work and don't know your family. I can see the close relationship you share with Edie, Andrew, and Bryan. I am also able to kind of participate in your love of the outdoors via the photos. It has inspired me so much to prioritize hiking. In fact, I plan to go out tomorrow and enjoy a hike in Forest Park! I was shocked to see how much alike our dogs look. Its amazing. Our Charlie is a Humane Society mixed breed and we've never been sure what breeds he might be. Clearly, he is in large part labradoodle. We should take our dogs for a walk sometime and see how they react to their own look-alikes! So good to hear from you. Keep up the photojournalism. Wonderful stuff. I especially love the videos because of the audio attached. Adds a special dimension and great memory to hear your voices.
Joanne Bugos(non-registered)
Hey Mike - read your journal today and immediately went to the photos. Great pictures. Fun to see your family and Luann and Todd also. Great pictures. Thinking of you and Edie often. Much love, Joanne
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